Monday, February 4, 2008

not bored anymore

These past few days saw me complaining on how bored I am in general and I have not been doing anything new. Everything felt like routine. There was not much work at the office and only training was keeping me slightly busy. I am bored to hell with my only class at DLSU. I enrolled for a subject called Fundamentals of Business Writing. Who would have thought that we will be discussing nouns, pronouns, verb and all the basics of grammar? It beat Comm 1 which I had at UP where we were actually discussing précis already. I might actually find the subject interesting if not for the professor who is sooo technical. After all, the subject is a refresher of things I may have thought I have mastered already. Even some dates with E seemed routine. I feel I always decide on where we shall go.

This February though, I am slowly feeling boredom leaving me. To start my February, E brought me to the high school fair of Ateneo. Sosyal is the word that best describes the fair. But I guess that was expected of the school. I found the high school kids entertaining. One tried so hard to sell us lappie bags that he was even stammering while doing the sales talk. There were also the usual kiss and dating booths. Yup, it was so high school.

Then E drove us to UP Diliman (where we felt much at home). We had dinner at Chateau Verde. I suggested the place as I came across posts about the place on some blogs. The food was cheap and tasty, and the ambiance was amazing. It was perfect for dinner and fine dining.

The next day, I met with my closest high school friends and we had a road trip to Tagaytay. After class, I met with my best friend Irene and processed our passport application through a travel agency at SM Megamall. Only when we were done did we headed to Tagaytay. Out first stop at Tagaytay was the public market. I wanted to buy some meat used for cooking bulalo while Sese wanted to buy corn and peanuts. We did not find what we were looking for probably because it was already late in the afternoon. The group ended up eating isaw (or bituka ng manok). They were selling those for P6 each. Mind you, they were huge (malaman) and not the type of isaw being sold at Manila. The six pesos was worth it.

isaw at P6 each

We ate dinner at Leslie’s. In all of my Tagaytay trips, we always eat at RSM and so it was my first time at Leslie’s. The place was not as spectacular as that of RSM’s but the food was way better and cheaper. We ordered bulalo (where we had a refill of the soup), grilled porkchop (it was so delicious), sizzling kangkong and ensaladang mangga. We also had different fruit shakes (mine was watermelon). For all of those, we only paid P350 each.

After quite a few minutes of picture taking, we decided to get back in the car and just drove on the way to Nasugbu. We were heading at no particular place and so I convinced them to try Bag of Beans. The first time I went there, we did not order any food. This time, we tried some of their desserts like mocha and strawberry sundae and chocolate mousse. I ordered their famous apple pie. The apple pie was filling and very rich. It was quite strong for my taste as it had so much nutmeg. It would be good with vanilla ice cream. Nevertheless, I would still recommend it. We stayed a while at Bag of Beans, just enjoying our desserts and talking. After that, we just bough buko pie at Collette’s (P125 and it was still hot) and headed home.

Plans for the coming weekend? A getaway with E this weekend (hot air balloon still or a surprise destination?) and I’m planning a get together with my culinary classmates at ISCAHM. Now, I am stuck with several things to do at work. Not to mention, I will be playing badminton later with my officemates. See, I’m no longer bored.

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culinary classmates? you studied? i want to study cooking :(