Monday, February 4, 2008

Chateau Verde

I have been reading about this resto at several blogs. E and I have been eating dinner at UP Diliman after attending the 6pm Saturday mass. We would first have dinner at Rodic’s, then eat isaw at nearby Mang Larry’s then have balut at the Shopping Center. Last weekend, we indulged ourselves at a relatively cheap fine dining. Chateau Verde is a residential house turned resto. It is located near the Shopping Center (turn left in the road between SC and the Infirmary and it will lead you to Chateau Verde). The place had been well designed and lit to suit that of outside dining (alfresco). The food was really good. E ordered pasta (cream based) while I ordered spareribs served in a sizzling plate with java rice and pickled vegetables. The spareribs was very tasty and sweet. It was tender as I can easily cut through the meat. As well, it had more meat than bones or fat (taba). The java rice complimented the dish as well as the pickled vegetables. The pasta was scrumptious and it was really creamy. I was even the one who finished it. :P

E enjoying his dinner :)

The rest room reminded me of those in Sonya’s Garden. It was homey. The path leading to the resto was laid with plants and lights and just had that romantic feel to it. I really love that place. Not to mention that for the two dishes we ate, we only paid P350. I will definitely eat there again.

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