Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Laguna Road Trip

E surprised me with a trip to various towns at Laguna last Saturday. He claimed it was not yet his Valentine’s surprise for me. At first I thought we were just heading to Tagaytay. But when we passed the Sta. Rosa exit, I knew it was somewhere I haven’t really guessed. I was completely clueless when we passed Calamba and Pansol. We reached Los Banos and headed for UP. We just passed UP and E brought me to the St. Mark’s Chapel. It was a chapel on a hill, which has an open structure. We stayed there for a while and E drove further to the top of the area until we reached an amphitheater at the highest peak of the hill. It was an amphitheater of the National Center of the Arts and had a breathtaking 360 degree view of Laguna. It was a perfect place for picnics. We then headed past Los Banos and Calauan to have lunch at Kamayan sa Palaisdaan sa Bay at Bay, Laguna. The concept of the resto was nipa huts on a makeshift pond. The food was really sumptuous and cheap. We ordered ensaladang okra, inihaw na tilapia na niluto sa gata, ginatang suso (kohol), pork liempo and fresh buko juice. The food was really fresh. We only paid P500 for such large amount of food. The long lunch was followed by a long drive to Liliw, Laguna. We went slippers-shopping there. The slippers were really cheap that I am planning to start a business and get my supplies there. On the way home, we passed Orient, the all-originial buko pie bakeshop, and bought our pasalubongs.

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