Monday, February 18, 2008

Greenhils food trip

I love reading other food blogs. From one of the blogs I enjoy reading, I chanced upon a post on a resto called Peri-Peri Chicken at Greenhills which serves roasted chicken with a spicy twist. E loves spicy food so I thought of trying the place. As I’ve read, the price is quite similar to that of Kenny Rogers. It was nothing expensive or fancy so I was willing to try that place. Last Saturday, E and I headed to Greenhills after my class to have lunch and also to meet with my college friend, Mic. Mic is going to Singapore and I’ll be asking her to buy me a digicam. (My digicam broke down and so for the past two months, I had to rely on my trusty Sony Ericsson phone). It was the time to try the resto that I have been reading about. As I googled peri-peri, I learned that it is an African bird’s-eye chili. They have a set meal of ¼ chicken plus two side dishes for P170. We all ordered that. Mic ordered java rice and macaroni soup. E ordered the same rice with buttered corn and carrots. I ordered macaroni soup and mashed potatoes. We can also choose if we wanted our chicken mild or spicy. Mic had her chicken mild, while E and I ordered the ‘hot’ chicken. There were also various sauces ranging from mild to extra hot, which can be added to the chicken. E and I found the hot chicken not that spicy although when I added a little of the hot sauce, the spiciness was too much that I had to exchange chicken with E. I guess if looking for a place that serves chicken, aside from the more common Kenny Rogers, one can try this place. It can be recommended to those who love spicy foods. Although, I am more satisfied with the way I make my own version of a roasted chicken. E ordered my favorite watermelon shake. As I tasted the drink, it was too bland that I had to ask for sugar. Overall, I can rate my peri-peri experience as just the ordinary. It was nothing spectacular.

After several hours of walking and shopping, we got hungry again. Mic already left then. My brother came to join us with the shopping. He came from class so he was really hungry. As soon as we met with him, he immediately asked if we can eat first prior to the shopping. E wanted to try the Le Ching tea house because the name struck him. I love Chinese food and so I seconded the motion of eating there. I ordered siomai. E and I shared stewed beef brisket noodles with a serving of soup on the side. My brother ordered chicken with mushroom (rice topping). Then both of them ordered asado siopao. While we were eating the food, all my excitement vanished. Except for the beef brisket noodles, I didn’t like the taste of everything. Both the siopao and siomai were small in sizes. And the chicken that my brother ordered tasted awful for me. E and I both agreed that The Litte Big Chiness store that we tried at Gilmore was way better and more authentic. Le Ching tea house was not worth what we paid for.

After Greenhills, we headed for the UP fair were we had dinner at Rodic’s. I didn’t take picturse of that place but Rodic’s tapa was a far cry from the Chinese food. Not to mention, their tapsilog is one of my favorites.

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