Thursday, February 28, 2008

Conti's at Trinoma

One of my college best friends, Zarah, will be leaving for the States soon and so I organized various get togethers with our different set of friends. The first get together was with our friends from our previous work, BPI. The last time we were complete was two years ago when we celebrated Christmas. We had dinner at Conti’s at Trinoma. They decided on Trinoma because it was near to where the three of them lives. Ang daya! I live far from the place. Anyways, I enjoy going to that mall because they have bookstores and several restaurants I still have to check. It was my third time eating at Conti’s. With my first two visits, I wasn’t able to enjoy the food that much probably because I had to wait about an hour to be seated. It was at their branch at Serendra. The one at Trinoma was not at all crowded. I ordered grilled herbed pork chops with paella rice. Cher ordered chicken roulade. Almira ordered philly cheese steak. While Zarah ordered fish and chips that came with potato salad. I love herbed pork chop and their version tasted good. I actually love any types of meat cooked with herbs. Their pork chop predominantly tasted that of rosemary, which is one of my favorite herbs. The porkchop with the rice was perfect for me. I wasn’t able to taste much of the chicken roulade and I did not try the philly cheese steak. I had one of that at Pattycakes and I found it salty. Zarah’s potato salad was also creamy and delicious. For dessert, we had mango bravo and strawberry shortcake. Zarah was so satisfied with the strawberry shortcake that she was giddy about it. I’ve had mango bravo before but perhaps eating it slowly and tasting every layer of it somehow formed a fusion in my mouth. I finally understood why a lot of people were raving about it. I actually wanted to try the herb-crusted salmon but it was expensive. Perhaps, I’ll have it when E treats me to dinner next time.
Almira and Zarah

grilled herbed pork chops

chicken roulade and philly cheese steak

mango bravo and strawberry shortcake - yum, yum!

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