Sunday, February 17, 2008

Secret Recipe

I bought E a pair of Havaianas slippers as a Valentines gift (and also because he badly needed a pair of brand new slippers.) However, I got him the wrong size of slippers even if it took a really long time in contemplating the size of his foot. When he fetched me from work last Friday, we went back to Rustans Makati and had it exchanged. Unfortunately, they ran out of pairs with his size. The person there though was really helpful as he volunteered to call another Rustans branch to check if they have the size we were looking for. Thankfully Rustans at Mandaluyong still has his size. We then drove to the area and had the slippers replaced. We decided to have dinner in that mall as well so that there’ll be no need to change parking lots. We were just looking through different restos at the area. We chose a place called Secret Recipe as a lot of people were eating there. The place reminded me of Fuzion Café where they used cool colors for the interior and modern style for their tables and chairs. I enjoyed looking at the pictures at the menu that I wanted to order both rice and pasta dishes. I was eyeing the grilled herb chicken and spaghetti meatballs in their menu. I knew though that I can’t finish those both and so I have to choose only one. As always, E pretended that he wanted one of those two and so we ended up ordering those two dishes. (E always makes way in ordering the food that I wanted.) The grilled chicken tasted so good. It has a sauce that was more on the sweet side, but something which I haven’t tasted in other restos. The spaghetti meatballs did not taste anything beyond ordinary. E found it dry. Again, I ordered a chocolate shake (similar to what I ordered at Tokyo Café). And for all that we ate, we paid P495. Hmm, it was quite cheap for a resto at a pricey mall.

Secret Recipe
Level 5, Shangri-La Mall
EDSA cor Shaw Blvd

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