Friday, January 25, 2008

daily musings

January 22

I took a whole day leave from work and did some errands. I went to SM Megamall as early as 10am to have my NBI clearance renewed. I knew that a lot of people go there and the line can reach as high as the 5th floor (the NBI office is at the basement). But I really did not expect that as early as the mall’s opening, the line would reach the 5th floor. I was quite disappointed and already having second thoughts on whether I should just have my NBI clearance renewed at the Pasig City Hall. But having a previous experience there, I knew that I would also be having a difficult time there. I decided to just wait and stay in line at the Megamall branch. Thank God a few minutes after Ervin came. I wasn’t that bored anymore. Plus, even the line was long, it turned out that they process clearance really fast. It just took me an hour and I already have my renewed NBI clearance. This time though I look much worst. Hahaha.

After having lunch at Mega, we visited my ophthalmologist at Medical City. She recommended a lower grade for my eyes. Lately I have been experiencing heaviness in my eyes. The grade was lowered so that it can match my comfort level. I also liked the design that I chose for my eye glasses. It is in the shade of pink – which makes me look young. It was quite cheap also as I only got it for P2,200 (with discount).

January 24

I went book shopping with Joanne and Zarah. They bought me these:

and another book which I forgot the title hehehe :P

Monday, January 21, 2008

Of weddings and blogging . . .

These past few days I’ve been obsessing on anything related to weddings. I find it weird. I’m a person whose imagination always runs and who spends her free time daydreaming about almost everything. As a child, I create love stories in my mind. Of course, mostly it is about me. Even now as a grown-up, I have several stories in my head – from fictional people I have fantasized about and paired myself with - to those real people in my life. But never did I imagine about wedding, of walking down the aisle or reciting vows of endless love. Never. And so it may be a surprise even to myself how a casual visit to a photo blog, which led to a wedding blog, and led to several other wedding blogs prompt me to obsess about creating an ideal and realistic wedding. Or is it because of age? Surely, 24 is not old enough to get married? Definitely no within my own set of standards. :P Here are interesting links I found:


Danz and Celina - the blog which started it all :)

and of course! - W@W

Would you recommend any more links that I can check? :)