Monday, January 21, 2008

Of weddings and blogging . . .

These past few days I’ve been obsessing on anything related to weddings. I find it weird. I’m a person whose imagination always runs and who spends her free time daydreaming about almost everything. As a child, I create love stories in my mind. Of course, mostly it is about me. Even now as a grown-up, I have several stories in my head – from fictional people I have fantasized about and paired myself with - to those real people in my life. But never did I imagine about wedding, of walking down the aisle or reciting vows of endless love. Never. And so it may be a surprise even to myself how a casual visit to a photo blog, which led to a wedding blog, and led to several other wedding blogs prompt me to obsess about creating an ideal and realistic wedding. Or is it because of age? Surely, 24 is not old enough to get married? Definitely no within my own set of standards. :P Here are interesting links I found:


Danz and Celina - the blog which started it all :)

and of course! - W@W

Would you recommend any more links that I can check? :)

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