Friday, January 25, 2008

daily musings

January 22

I took a whole day leave from work and did some errands. I went to SM Megamall as early as 10am to have my NBI clearance renewed. I knew that a lot of people go there and the line can reach as high as the 5th floor (the NBI office is at the basement). But I really did not expect that as early as the mall’s opening, the line would reach the 5th floor. I was quite disappointed and already having second thoughts on whether I should just have my NBI clearance renewed at the Pasig City Hall. But having a previous experience there, I knew that I would also be having a difficult time there. I decided to just wait and stay in line at the Megamall branch. Thank God a few minutes after Ervin came. I wasn’t that bored anymore. Plus, even the line was long, it turned out that they process clearance really fast. It just took me an hour and I already have my renewed NBI clearance. This time though I look much worst. Hahaha.

After having lunch at Mega, we visited my ophthalmologist at Medical City. She recommended a lower grade for my eyes. Lately I have been experiencing heaviness in my eyes. The grade was lowered so that it can match my comfort level. I also liked the design that I chose for my eye glasses. It is in the shade of pink – which makes me look young. It was quite cheap also as I only got it for P2,200 (with discount).

January 24

I went book shopping with Joanne and Zarah. They bought me these:

and another book which I forgot the title hehehe :P

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