Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tokyo Cafe

I went to DFA last Tuesday for my scheduled appearance for the pass port application. I came with my best friend, Irene. Our applications were processed through a travel agency so we just had to meet with the agency’s liaison at DFA. It turned out that having your passport application processed by an agency, though a bit pricier was way easier and not to mention hassle-free. We had our mandatory appearance, signing of papers and thumb marks all in less than 5 minutes. We just have to wait for our passports to be delivered to the agency. And so since both of us had the rest of the day off, we decided to stroll and window shop at MOA. She was looking for cds that can be used for their Valentine’s presentation at work. I was looking for nothing in particular. When we both got hungry, we decided to try the dainty Tokyo Café. I love trying new things and as Irene loves anything Japanese, I assumed we both were willing to try that resto. As part of her fasting, Irene was not eating meat (pork, beef and chicken) until after Lent season. Due to that, we ordered a pasta dish of shrimp and garlic and tuna sandwich. Tokyo Café offers a wide variety of drink, smoothies, and coffee blended drinks. Irene ordered a tea-based shake. I ordered a coffee blended shake. There was nothing extraordinary about the pasta. It tasted like those with other restaurants. I was raving though on the tuna sandwich. It was really delicious. The ciabatta bread was soft and the dressing was really tasty. I also enjoyed my coffee. It was not that sweet, something which I really like. Halfway though with our pasta, Irene suddenly had a shock look on her face. She discovered that there was hair on her pasta. When we paid for our bills, we reported it to the waiter who then reported the incident to the manager. The manager gave us a 10% discount on our bill because of what happened. Irene was not satisfied with what happened though as the manager did not even apologize. Hmm as for me, I’d still probably try the resto with E next time.

Tokyo Cafe is at SM Mall of Asia
Central Business Park, Bay Blvd, Pasay City

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