Monday, May 19, 2008

Reading and Wifely Steps!

I love reading books . . . as a kid, while I was growing up, and up until now. I absolutely love my book collection and (as most of those who know me know) I can just sit on my bed and stare at my books for a time. I’m happy that way.

- one of my bookshelves -

Lately though, I find it difficult to have the time to read. As well, with so many things to do – graduate school, work, dates with E, household chores – I find it difficult to read and decide which book to read. You see, I undergo a phase when it comes to books. There was a time when all I read are books by Judith McNaught and then Erich Segal and then Sidney Sheldon and then Paulo Coelho and then Jefferey Archer and harry Potter series and the list goes on. I also went through a phase where I seem to be reading books with serious themes that I then underwent a phase where all I read are the ‘chick flicks’ or the Sophie Kinsella and Marian Keyes books. The last book I read was Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel. I still can’t find (can’t decide) on my next book.

I’ve discovered though that I love blogging and reading blogs. It feels like every entry is a chapter. I just have to keep reading and reading. One of my daily reads is Toni’s Wifely Steps. I remember that the first entry I’ve read was of course – about books. It was an article about “The Painted Veil.” From then on, I checked Toni’s oldest entry and read the articles thereafter. I realized then that reading online and reading books are two totally different yet related experiences. I find each entry entertaining and I’m glued and I just have to continue reading it.

Here is a link to Toni’s blog – definitely a part of my daily reads.

And she’s celebrating 5 years of blogging (that is such a feat!) And she has a gift for her readers . . .

Happy anniversary Toni!


Anonymous said...

hahaha! i was squinting and trying to make out your titles ayen! what are your favorites?

Toni said...

Hi Ayen! Thank you so much for joining! Cheers to us bookworms. :)

ayen said...

hello caryn!
my favorites would be:
Daddy Long legs
Joy in the Morning by Betty Smith
The Alchemist and By the River Piedra . . . by P. Coelho
The Time-Traveler's Wife
Love in the Time of Cholera by GG Marquez