Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mongkok, a Chinese resto

E fetched me from work last Friday, then we went to Rockwell to have dinner. It was his idea to go there. It was quite understandable that he decided to go there since it was his first time at the Power Plant Mall. I was having a grand time that night teasing him about it. LOL. The Power Plant Mall is a relatively small mall compared to the other super malls like SM and those Ayala-owned malls. E prefers small crowds so the mall was a hit for him. We decided to have dinner at Mongkok since I very much enjoy eating Chinese food. We both are still on for the no-rice diet so we opted for noodle soup and dumplings. I wonder if choosing another carb for rice will do us good but anyway, we did not want to break our no-rice record. As we were waiting for the food, we noticed that several of the crew was looking at the table next to us. We really could not guess why but on the table were a guy (which E said looks like the driver or body guard), a gay man (politically incorrect), a mom and a young girl. The mom and the young girl were seating on the same direction as we were so it was quite difficult to recognize them. It was only halfway through the meal that I realized it was Sarah Geronimo! Deep inside I wanted to take her picture but I have to be composed or else E would tease me to death about being jologs. Hahaha! Sarah (feeling close!) was really polite, charming and friendly.

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Anyway, back to the food. E and I both didn’t like the noodle soup. The noodles were thin and mushy and not the usual type of noodles one would normally have in other Chinese restaurants. There was nothing special with the soup. The broth just tasted that of boiled beef. My best noodle soup so far was the one I had in Seven Corners, Crowne Plaze Hotel in Ortigas. The soup was light yet really tasty.

But we both like the dumplings. They have several varieties of dimsum that one can choose from. They even have carts strolling around the resto where one can just get there without having to give the waiter the order and wait.

Overall, I still prefer North Park over Mongkok and other Chinese restaurants. Although just for the dumplings, I would go back here.

And also, given that I love Chinese food, I still haven’t explored much of Chinatown. I’ve already eaten at President’s and food there is absolutely delicious. E and I have also eaten at this authentic Chinese store at Gilmore, and I also loved it there. I can’t wait to try more authentic Chinese restaurants. Any recommendation?

Mongkok is at:
the lower ground floor (basically the basement) of the Power Plant Mall
Power Plant Mall is @ Rockwell Driver cor. Estrella St.
Makati City


Anonymous said...

not really fond of this resto either

rey said...

you have to to taiwan or hongkong to experience the real china food. what we have here are just typical fast foods in chinese gastronomic culture. we dont have the right ingredients and cooks to the right stuff. i like your blog. ok.