Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Caliraya, Laguna

When you want to stay for a night at Laguna, perhaps you can think past the ever famous private pools of Pansol or the hot springs of Los Banos. I have nothing against those really. It’s just that Laguna is quite a large place to explore and surely discovering new places to go to won’t be that difficult.

My friends and I spent one weekend at the Calirana Resort situated at the Caliraya Lake at Caviniti, Laguna. About two-and-a-half hours away from Manila. The lake is actually huge as it is situated along three towns of Laguna. To describe the place – far-off, close to nature and tranquil.

It is actually quite easy to go to the place. One just has to follow the road from Los Banos that leads to the tourist capital of Laguna – Pagsanjan. Cavinti is the town after Pagsanjan. In between Pagsanjan and Laguna, one would pass the towns of Bay, Calauan, Victoria, Pila and Sta. Cruz. Just be cautious of the tricycles and jeepneys that would stop in the middle of the road to load and unload passengers. Provincial towns are after all not governed by MMDA polices. A few more minutes of driving from Pagsanjan and one can see a paved uphill road. Following that road leads to a zigzag travel within the hill that somehow leads to borders of the lake where a boat would be waiting for you (if you reserved early).

The waters at Caliraya Lake stretches far and there are several islands that one can see during the boat ride. Our resort was quite far so we enjoyed a leisurely 30-minutes of sight seeing and picture taking in the boat. The lake is a venue for several water activities like boating, water skiing, jet skiing and well known for Bass fishing.

Here's what a largemouth black bass looks like (image from www.agfc.com)

Calirana Resort
CaliRana Booking Office
S-201A Culmat Building
1270 E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue near T. Morato St., Quezon City
(632)726-1812; (632)416-4130; (632)416-4131

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