Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Very Special Love

Have you seen this film?

I've caught this movie twice already (first with my brother and friend; second: just earlier with E). E liked it so much (either he sincerely liked it or just being sarcastic) and said he wanted a part 2 (ano daw?!). I sincerely liked it. Yes, it has all the elements of a typical and predictable Filipino love story - but I still found it amusing and funny. Save of course for some cheesy moments in the film which I couldn't stand, I had to cover my eyes and ears. I like Sarah on this film and John Lloyd was just soooooo cute.

One fanatic movie-goer described the movie (as shown in the commercial plugs) as: "Soooooobrang ganda." She shrieked.

To comment: "Ganda lang."

Have you seen this film?

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Anonymous said...

no, but i want to! ;-)