Saturday, August 16, 2008

Books - any suggestions?

I bought two books earlier at the Powerbooks sale. I decided to take advantage of the sale as it'll only last until end of August. I wanted to buy two books - one with a serious theme that shall keep me thinking and the other - lightly themed.

My hands caught the book of Anne Enright.

As described at wikipedia:

The novel traces the narrator's inner journey, setting out to derive meaning from past and present events, and takes place in Ireland and England. Its title refers to the funeral of Liam Hegarty, an alcoholic who committed suicide in the sea at Brighton. His mother and eight of the nine surviving Hegarty children gather in Dublin for his wake. The novel's narrator is 39-year-old Veronica, the sibling who was closest to Liam. She looks through her family's troubled history to try to make sense of his death.

The other book is the second installment of the famous twilight series. Unfortunately, the first book has already been sold-out so I was only able to get a copy of the seocnd book.

The thing is - I am not yet planning to start on reading any of these books. I am saving them for a long overseas trip which I will be having on October. I'll be having three long flights so I need to be busy doing something.

Do you have any other suggestion for a book that I can read on the plane?

I am trying to stay away from books by Paulo Coelho, Nicholas Sparks, E. Segal, S. Sheldon and J. Archer as I've already read quite a lot from these authors.


Jeanny said...

how about pride and prejudice jane austen.

Btw...san ka punta :)

Em Dy said...

I found all 4 Twilight books at National Bookstore Shangri-La. You might want to check it out so that you can start on the serie

Joy said...

My daughter who just turned 14 loves to read Stephanie Meyers books I gave her all the series of Twilight for her birthday last month...

Anonymous said...

hey, wasn't there a movie called 'the gathering?'