Saturday, August 2, 2008

Luk Yuen Noodle House

We ate at this Chinese restaurant at the SM Megamall branch to celebrate my college friend, Mic's birthday. I grew up going to SM Megamall for our shopping needs, as probably the case for every Pasiguenos. It is the nearest mall to our place with almost complete amenities. Being familiar with the mall, sometimes it is difficult to pick a place to eat at inside the mall. With SM Megamall undergoing renovation, it is even harder now to choose a place to eat at.

Luk Yuen Noodle House is one of those typical Chinese eateries. Service was good here. Our servers were polite and quick to attend to our needs.

Some of the food was ok but some fell below my expectations.

Noodles Cantonese style. I liked the taste of this but the serving was small.

Sliced Beef with Broccoli

Boneless Chicken in Lemon Sauce

Yang Chow fried rice. The waiter said that it was good for 2-3 persons but it really was a small serving. As well, it didn't have much ingredients (sahog).

To satisfy my Chinese carvings, I’d still go to North Park.


Toni said...

I haven't eaten in Luk Yuen for eons. For my Chinese food fix, I usually go to Hap Chang. :D

Jeanny said...

I love this place.Getting hungry by lookingat the pics. :)

Have a nice weekend. :)

By the way I tagged you here pla ayen