Saturday, August 16, 2008

En route to Pagudpud

We checked out of Fort Ilocandia on our second day and headed to Pagudpud. En route to Pagudpud we had two stops. First of which was the Cape Bojeador Lighthouse.

I initially thought that Cape Bojeador Lighthouse is no longer working and is purely for tourism purposes. The member of the coast guard stationed at the light house on that explained that it is still being used. We were at the light house when the storm struck us with heavy winds. We got stranded at the light house before we were able to go down. The view from Cape Bojeador is magnificent.

Quoting Mr. Howie Severino: The Cape Bojeador Lighthouse rises about 600 feet above this lonely, treacherous coast. According to the Coast Guard, there has been no known major ship accident here since the lighthouse was built in 1892.

Heading further north, we then stopped to see the famous Bangui windmills, which apparently provides electricity for some parts of Ilocos. Of all our destinations, I was really excited to see this the most. Sadly, this was where we got struck the most by storm Frank. I only managed to get a few decent shots of the windmills. I vow to go back there. I’m wondering – how many windmills do you think are there?

After about three hours of travel from Laoag and facing the raging storm, we finally reached Pagudpud. What greeted us was purely breath-taking – a display of bluish green water.

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