Sunday, June 8, 2008

I cooked menudo and pansit miki bihon!

These are all part of E's pre-birthday celebration :)

I cannot recall the last time I cooked pansit. E said it tasted good but I wasn't really satisfied with the taste though. After several hours though, my mom tried the pansit and she said it tasted good. I tried it too and well, I must say it was delicious. LOL. It took time for the flavors to be absorbed by the noodles. Same with the menudo. It tasted really good the next day.

We gave our neighbors several plates of pansit.
Click here for the recipe.

Here is a copy of the recipe.


Anonymous said...

favorite ang pansit :)
nakakatakaw naman the menudo compliment the taste of the pancut...panalo :)

Anonymous said... loke chili flakes too. I made my own kaya I always have stock..
and I sprinkle it on my pansit...yummmie :)

Anonymous said...

See i'm right on when i said the pansit tasted good? Sigh, she never listens to my comments :) thinks i'm just plain polite and all. I know my way around food, and i know what tastes good or not! Trust the fat guy! Love you!