Monday, June 16, 2008

The Chocolate Kiss Cafe

. . . is a place close to my heart.

The place was a witness to several hours of girl talk, catching up, laughters and celebrations spent with my two closest college friends, Joanne and Zarah. With meager budget, we contented ourselves to sharing servings of taco salad and chicken fingers. We made most of the bottomless iced tea, served with honey and calamansi; refreshing, with the non-commercialized authentic taste of tea. We satisfied our sweet cravings with a slice of cake, shared by three. Those were the days we can't even afford to buy ourselves a slice each. Times have changed; and we have all grown.

Earlier, I attached a new memory to this place. We celebrated E's birthday with a simple dinner here. Again, a slice of random sweetness was shared. There was music playing in the background. The nostalgic feel of college came back.

Amidst the rustic and busy campus lies this quaint store. Do you have any Chocolate Kiss memories?

The Chocolate Kiss Cafe is located at the Ground and Second Floor
of the Bahay ng Alumni at UP Diliman, Quezon City.

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