Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Classic Savory Chicken

Friday night. E and I saw ourselves first time at the quite large and spacious, SM Hypermart at Ugong, Pasig City. The grocery with a few restos and stores is just beside Tiendesitas. I had my hair cut at the BenchFix branch there (which is an altogether another story :P) and went grocery-shopping.

I go grocery shopping at several malls either near our house or near at work (SM Megamall, SM Makati or Landmark). After trying out this branch of the SM superstores, if given the time, I’ll do the rest of my grocery shopping here.

My reasons: 1) it’s spacious (I think I’ve mentioned that already) which means more shelves and stacks of products; 2) so far, almost complete. I mean most of what I need are here. There is a variety of products. 3) few people shop here so it’s not that crowded and there are no long lines at the counter; 4) I went shopping at night and the veggies are still in their good quality; 5) There are restaurants around the are shouting at you to try them out plus Tiendesitas was just across the street for another dining experience.

Where did E and I eat?

We spotted a place just within the entrance where a number of people were eating. The place was just small. When we enter the mall, the resto was already crowded. When we were done shooing, there were still several people eating there. The menu was displayed outside wo we didn’t have to guess on what they were serving. Given that the prices seem reasonable, we decided to try the place. The place is called The Classic Savory Chicken.

As I read, this eatery dates back in the 1950s when four of the ‘Ting brothers’ put up a panciteria at the busy district of Quiapo. Later on, they discovered a special recipe for fried chicken and gravy which became popular not just among the Chinese but with Filipinos as well. Their version of a chicken recipe became so popular which led to the opening of the first branch of the Savory Chicken House at Escolta. After about 50 years, the third generation of the Ting family launched the The Classic Savory Chicken.

Basically, they offer Chinese Cuisine with chicken as their specialty. And so the Chinese saga again continues. I know I have to stay away from all these Chinese food and try another cuisine. LOL. (Indian cusine, don’t worry, I’ll try you next).

E really wanted to try the chicken but as I was planning a pre-brithday celebration for him which included chicken barbeque in the menu, I somehow convinced him that I do not want to eat chicken that night. As much as it was the main dish in their menu, we opted for something else.

They served their pancit the way I want my pancit cooked: with a thick sauce.

The staff was really courteous. E is allergic to seafood and we requested that it be taken out of the dish. They did just what we requested and we were happy about it.

We also tried their spicy beef with sate sauce. It wasn’t at all spicy but nevertheless, tasted good.

As I researched, The Classic Savory Chicken also have branches at Robinson's Place Manila and the SM Mall of Asia. I'm excited to try the rest of dishes at their menu.

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Anonymous said...

hahaha! this was one of my lola's favorite restos. she'd drag me to the escolta to eat chicken there. their old establishment was a bit dingy, but the food was delish!

thanks for your nice comment on my blog! hugs!