Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pancake House. Again?!!!

As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, Pancake House is a special place for both E and I. It really was an obvious choice: it’s near my office and we both love the food. Last month, we celebrated out monthsary by eating lunch there. For this month, we had our lunch there again. E would usually have Pork Vienna while I order Beef Tapa. Those are our favorite Pancake House food. This time I told E that we should be adventurous and deviate from what we’d usually have and so we opted for hot roast beef and chicken. For the past week we have been avoiding eating rice so that we might lose those extra pounds that we have been getting. What the heck? This time we felt that we can reward ourselves with rice since we were actually celebrating. The monthsary was quite an excuse for us. The menu said that the hot roast dishes do not come with rice and so we ordered extra. Much to our surprise, it was served on top of a white bread. We are so ignorant about these things. Di talaga kme soyal. Hahaha. Anyway for the verdict: I found both hot roast dishes delicious. I’d still ocme back and have those again. But then, those are not recommended for those who want the typical kanin and ulam and for those who are really starving and want big servings.

L: hot roast beef with mashed potatoes and buttered vegetables
R: hot roast chicken with potato salad

One can find a Pancake House almost everywhere. Here is preview of their menu. Enjoy!

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