Wednesday, July 16, 2008

so many things to do

1. review for two midterm exams - one for tomorrow and the other on Saturday

2. finish several pending CGQ for reviews
3. prepare for Level 3 training next week

- secure (again) a transfer credential from UP since La Salle somehow lost it during their transition from the Makati to the Taft campus
- a Jollibee party for kids from a day care center (this Friday)

- dinner with college friends for Mic's birthday
- watch The Dark Knight
- watch A Very Special Love (kakakilig!)
- a trip somewhere North from the 27th to the 29th

August, what's in store for you?



shengmarie said...

I don't have much dear, only a magazine to finish before the end of the month. Gosh, i lack articles... anything you can contribute, some recipes na pwedeng gawin ng mga high school students. Pwedeng i-publish namin sa mag namin. check out:

This is what i do!

God bless!

ayen said...

ah sige Sheng. Napaisip tuloy ako bigla kung ano yung mga pwedeng ilagay sa magazine catered to high school students (plus the recipes :)). Tungkol saan usually ung mga artciles? :)