Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Alex Lugawan

If you grew up at downtown Pasig, then you are familiar with this known eatery. Located at San Nicholas, Pasig (I think), near the Immaculate Concepcion church, Alex Lugawan is a favorite among the Pasiguenos. From the name of the eatery, it is famous for its lugaw paired with tokwa’t baboy.

As I’ve learned, sisig is also one of their best-sellers. When E and I decided to eat there one night, I opted for my favorite tapsilog. E ordered lugaw (congee) and tokwa’t baboy (tofu and pig’s ears). At the facade, Alex Lugawan appears like a carinderia. Inside though, there are several tables and chairs where one can sit – ala canteen-style. The place actually occupies two floors and is open as early as 7am and until 1 in the early morning of the next day.

I found the tokwa't baboy sweet and yummy.
I did not like the taste of the lugaw (congee). It was kind of bland.

I ordered tapsilog. It was okay.

carinderia style


Anonymous said...

i miss tapsi!!! waaah!

elmerlovesoreo said...

Tagal ko na naririnig yang Alex's Lugawan pero 'di ko alam kung saan exactly sa Pasig yan. Paki-guide ako kung saan s'ya matatagpuan :)