Sunday, July 20, 2008


It was already late in the afternoon and past our lunchtime when we finally left Pagsanjan. Starving, we were desperate for something to eat. But being in an adventurous mood, we didn’t want to opt for Jollibee or any other fastfood we could easily eat at at Manila. Besides, we were looking for a restaurant that shall serve Filipino food. After all, we were in the far South. I recommended a restaurant at the town of Bay but it was just far and opposite our direction. We then headed to another known eatery at the town of Kalayaan which was just a few kilometers of Pagsanjan.

We were determined to be daring so we decided on eating at Exotik. The name can’t be more original. LOL. And true to their name, they serve exotic food – those dishes that we do not normally eat.

The area that the restaurant occupies is quite vast. As we were waiting for our food, we explored the area a little bit. There was a small pool upstairs but I’m thinking it was just for design. There was also a store downstairs selling pasalubong. The real highlight of the resto was the creatures we discovered while exploring the place. There were huge snakes in cages. The caretaker of the resto said that these snakes were ‘harmless’ and friendly. Some of us were brave enough to prove that. I wasn’t.

(Some of my friends who were fearless enough to come near the huge snakes).

As for the food, we actually ordered only three exotic dishes. The rest were the normal, safe food.

(L-R, Top: Sinigang na Baboy and fried whole chicken
Bottom: pinakbet and chicken curry)
I can remember how the meat in the sinigang had more of fat instead of the meat.

I still prefer the food at Kamayan sa Palaisdaan sa Bay. Food there was full of flavor and tasted home-cooked. Food was just ok at Exotik but just for the experience of trying a unique resto – Exotik is worth eating at.

(T - B: fried palaka (frog), ginataang kuhol (snails cooked in coconut milk), sizzling baboy ramo (wild boar)

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gandarynako said...

uy! i've eaten na dyan! i don't remember what i had exactly kasi we ordered a lot of things. but i love palaka. its a kapampangan delicacy and i spent most of my childhood trying to convince my younger bro and sis na hindi sya masarap. sigh. di ako nag-succeed. hahahah!