Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pan de Sal

. . . has got to be one of the meriendas Filipinos love and is not amiss at every table on breakfast. Pan de sal is sold from the lowest price of a peso to the 20-peso up range depending on its size. If one buys pan de sal at a nearby bakery at home, most likely it will be given in a brown paper package. At Pangasinan, where my mom is from, I remember that pan de sal is sold through vendors riding on a bike and honking in the morning to remind the people in the village that it’s time to wake and have your daily does of pan de sal. For those coffee lovers like me, I love eating my pan de sal by dunking it in my morning coffee. I don’t soak it that long though in the coffee as it tends to become mushy. I soak it just right for it to absorb the liquid and have a coffee-taste. Oh, what a good way to start each day.

And also, it’s a great way to be treated to a free merienda. From where I work, it has become a tradition for our country manager to treat us to pan de sal once every proxy season (summer months for us aka the busiest days at work). I work at a research company where summer months can be pretty chaotic. Those are our busiest months as our clients, the institutional shareholders of about every publicly listed company worldwide, need our research in time for their company’s annual meetings. You can just imagine the amount of time we spend reading annual reports and writing our evaluations and so we become really hungry. Last Friday was pan de sal day at the office and everyone was really excited. Our floor got a big box of the yummy delight. Yay!

And what goes with pan de sal?


for the peanut lovers . . .

for those who love strawberry . . .

this is everyone's favorite at the office - the bestseller!

BUT this has got to be MY favorite!

Oh, the combination is just heaven! I really loved it!

So, why don't you grab your daily does of pan de sal now?

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