Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The best home-made and affordable Italian food!

Amici has got to be the place to be! I love their rosemary chicken even if I’ve only tried it once. For this visit, I was able to try their pizza and gelato and I only have praises for both. Amici is the right place to have a relaxed dinner. The place is nothing fancy based on its appearance. In fact, the setting looks like that of a canteen. Yet don’t be fooled on how it appears. They take their food quite seriously.

I learned from E and my friend Raech that it is called Amici now, with the omission of the ‘de don Bosco’ part as the resto have been sold to another owner. They said that it was sold to the previous owner of Red Ribbon, who then sold the bakeshop chain to the owners of Jollibee. I do not know if that rings any truth. I guess I have to ask next time I visit Amici. Some says that the food was tastier when the Bosconian fathers were handling it. Honestly, I have only eaten at Amici recently to be a judge on that.

For this visit, I opted for Cannelloni Agli Spinaci, which basically was pasta tubes filled with spinach and ricotta cheese. It was topped with tomato & béchamel sauce and parmesan cheese.

My verdict: this pasta dish was not as good as the penne arrabiata I previously tried. I could not taste the ricotta cheese and the dish itself was a bit dry. It was good but not that spectacular.
They have 14 varieties of pasta dishes, with prices ranging from p160 - p195. Good for 2 people per serving.

Tutta carne (italian sausage and cooked & spicy ham)

Oh, the pizza, I absolutely loved! It was really different from the usual commercial pizza. It had that freshly-baked taste and the cheese was utterly yummy.
As with the pasta, they have 14 varieties of pizza, with prices ranging from P260 - P310.
Good for 4 persons each.

And for the first time, I tried their dessert. Raech and I had a fun time reading the Italian names of the gelato. We ordered strawberry supreme (which had real strawberry bits), espresso (this one is my favorite) and straciatella (which actually is just choco chips). It is quite difficult to describe the taste of gelato. It is very different from the commercial ice cream we usually eat. I guess it’s best to just try this/ P45 per cup.

The only difficult part with the visit was we found it tricky to find a parking space. Amici tried to solve that problem by posting flyers at the dining table of areas where one can park. But still, the area is limited so I guess it is better to go there earlier and beat the big crowds during lunch and supper times.

Of course, I am coming back again. Hopefully, in my next visit, I am with a bigger group of people. Perhaps by that, I can try my rosemary chicken and not be kuripot over spending for it alone. Hahaha!


Toni said...

What a coincidence! I just had lunch there today with my friends. We got a spinach pasta, margharita pizza, roast chicken and gelato. They all tasted so good!!

ayen said...

Hi Toni! I'll try the margharita pizza on my next visit. And I'm excited to try all their pasta dishes as well. :)