Monday, April 14, 2008

E cooked dinner!!!

After several claims of wanting to do it . . . and procrastinating . . and planning . . . E finally did it. He cooked not just one, not just two but three dishes last Saturday. And take note! It was his first time to cook something which was not fried or did not come straight from the can. We actually planned last Saturday to be a cooking day but we only intended to cook one dish. Sudden turn of events made E cook three dishes as out of the blue we had visitors at home . And those visitors were the trabahador types who were really hungry. I think we fed about ten to fifteen people. What a feat!

T: (L) adobong atay at balun-balunan (chicken liver and gizzard)
(R)sinigang na baboy
B: ginisang ampalaya

Perhaps, I can start my own cooking school now. LOL.

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