Sunday, May 31, 2009

California Pizza Kitchen

Last Friday night saw E and I having dinner at one of the pioneer shops at Glorietta, which is CPK. I've only eaten there once and I remember having tasted two fabulous salads there. I was with E and it was dinner time, so I knew that we won't be having salad at that visit. I also knew that CPK is in the same line with TGIF, Burgoo and National Sports Grill . . . pricey American food.

We stepped inside the restaurant and was greeted by very warm staff. Indeed, they were nice but I was really troubled by the smell the place was omitting. It was the smell of old, unclean cushion. I muttered several complaints about it under my breath. We were then ushered to our seast and were offered the menu. Again, the staff was attentive and courteaus. The menu included appetizers, salad, pasta and cocktail drinks. The menu did not include rice. Not surprising actually, but I secretly hoped they have rice dishes. I bordered on the safe side that night and ordered hawaiian pizza and spaghetti carbonara. Oh, plus strawberry lemonade. The lemonade tasted good even though it actually was just lemonade with strawberry flavoring.

Both the pasta and pizza tasted good me for me. But really, I could get the same taste in a much affordable price. It might take me a really long time to eat at CPK again. Only perhaps, if someone would treat me. :)

Spaghetti Carbonara

Hawaiian Pizza

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