Monday, February 16, 2009

Hearts Day

To the one who holds my heart . . .

I love you sweetie!

For this year's Valentine celebration, E surprised me with several things. Last Friday night, we had a simple dinner at Conti's Serendra. The first choice was actually Kanin Club at Westgate, Alabang. But given that it was a Friday and we did not want to get stuck at traffic, we opted to just have dinner at Serendra. On that day, we also discovered that Abe is still closed at around almost 6pm. Next choice was the reliable, Conti's.

I had the American grilled ribs. The meat was soft and tasted more on the sweet side.

E ordered a chicken dish. It was yummy but the taste resembled Chicken Relleno so much.

We also shared a serving of Italian-style pasta which was really good. I enjoyed the sweetness of the bell peppers.

We were too full that we passed on the desserts.

On February 15, the surprises still did not cease. E went to our house and was carrying a huge gift!

Aren't they beautiful?


ervin said...

I love you too sweetie! You're the valentine's gift of a lifetime sa ken ni Lord. :D

cpsanti said...

awww, that's a real sweet post ayen ;-)