Saturday, February 20, 2010


The Banapple branch at Katipunan, south bound, on any given day would always be full. Parking would be a difficult feat as there are only about 3 or 4 spaces available. E and I once ate there for a late dinner. The food was really good. But aside from the parking issue, the place was small and air conditioning could not keep up with the volume of people going in and out.

Recently, a new branch opened. Same venue, but just on the opposite road. This time, north bound, a bigger space, with a fresh look. Last Friday night, I was craving for the chicken roulade at Conti's. But eating dinner at Serendra meant we have to brave the C5 traffic afterwards and so we decided to just skip the Serendra dinner and look for a place much closer to home. Thus, we found ourselves at the new Banapple branch. Parking was still hard but they have already hired guards who would assist you with parking.

The menu includes dishes served with rice where prices are fairly reasonable (ranging from P165 to P180). I ordered a chicken dish served with creamy sauce while E ordered porkloin with gravy and mushroom.

E and I both loved what we ordered that we finished our entire plate. The dishes were very much worth the price. I was observing the people around me and noticed that a lot were ordering the sparerib dish and baked creamy penne pasta. I'm going to try those next on our next visit. We were seated just in front of the counter where the food was being served and I actually had a good time looking at the variety of food. They all looked scrumptious.

For dessert, we had the Santa's Chocolate Chipper Cookie Cheesecake. It was good but we wish it had more of the cheesecake part and less of the top.

Overall verdict, we loved our Banapple experience and we are definitely coming back to try more dished from the menu.

I had the banapple bread loaf for take-out! :)

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