Saturday, September 20, 2008

Luggage Dilemma

This somehow resembles what I bought.
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I bought the pieces of luggage that I would be bringing on my trip to the US and Canada. I bought two pieces of luggage at a really cheap price (about P2200 – yup it was that cheap). The luggages weigh 50 and 30 lbs. I was really supposed to buy just a 50lbs luggage from Voyager which costs about P2100 but they no longer offer free duffel bags. It was something I am after. I gave in to the sales talk of buying those cheap luggages. I inspected those luggages very well and I knew that of course, it wasn’t as good as that of Voyager. However, I thought they were okay and since they were cheaper, I opted to buying them. I am really crossing my fingers that they would last my trip and I can still go back to the Philippines without having to buy new luggage.

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Anonymous said...

Nice! Hope you also bought it in the same color as the photo... Easier for you to spot it when checking out. Red will stand out among the black :)